About the Artisan

Britt Casasanta - Artigiano Legno, Artist


My name is Brittany “Britt” Casasanta. Before I started turning pens and a wide variety of other items, I was just a collector of different handmade fountain and dip pens. I started wood turning as a hobby, making wands for my avid Harry Potter and LARP enthusiast friends. One friend saw my work and suggested I try making pens and provided me with resources for the craft. I quickly became hooked.

Artistically, I have grown to enjoy working in wood, acrylic, paints, metal, and clay - but my favorite medium is wood. I feel great reward when I create something by hand with dedication and heart. When I see that a person really appreciates my work, it's an even bigger and more meaningful reward.

Outside of wood-turning, I work as a clinical simulation instructor for a local community college and I’m also a registered respiratory therapist and work at a nearby hospital. I train in martial arts, specifically Tae Kwon Do. Music and video games are also great hobbies of mine because they inspire me to be original and creative. I enjoy exploring the different elements of music - vocals, beats, and rhythm.

I hope you enjoy my work! Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or requests for custom orders that you may have.

- Britt